"Christ is our life, the church is our living"

Oct. 13, 2013  •  Posted by CILB Webmaster


Near the end of 1976 a small number of students and young families were led by the Lord to move from various other local churches to Long Beach, California. These believers came to stand together as the testimony of Jesus in this city to bring the gospel of the kingdom to the community and to the college students at California State University, Long Beach. Their moving to Long Beach was with the expectation that many might be brought into a life-changing relationship with the living person of Jesus Christ and into God's eternal purpose.

In those early days, the brothers and sisters met from house to house and in a large room rented from the local YMCA. In 1982 the church was able to secure the property in which we currently meet, located at 4911 Orange Ave. The local brothers and sisters had a very enjoyable time renovating and remodeling the meeting hall, simultaneously being knit together in love.

Throughout the years the Lord has blessed the church in Long Beach with an increase in number. In addition, the church here has sent out many families and young people to meet the Lord’s need in raising up and strengthening other local churches. Thus the church here has experienced both the flowing in and flowing out of the members of His Body.

Today the church in Long Beach has over 150 members who meet on the Lord's Day in order to promote the participation of every member, particularly in order to practice mutual teaching and prophecy. There are both English speaking and Spanish speaking gatherings each Lord’s Day morning. We enjoy the Lord’s Table each Lord’s Day evening which blends both languages together. In addition, throughout the week the saints meet together in groups in their homes for prayer, fellowship and mutual building up. The students at both Cal State Long Beach and Long Beach City College also gather together on campus in both large and small gatherings for mutual encouragement and building up.

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